A pulling dog can be both Annoying and Dangerous our leash provides gentle self-correction which encourages dogs to stop pulling

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WACKYwalk'r products are made with reinforced rubber tubing enabling them to stretch, relieving the stress on both you and your pet while encouraging your dog not to pull. Reduces your dogs pulling power by 50% instantly. When your pet pulls the leash will provide your dog with gentle self correction as the tension from the stretched leash pulls your pet back into line. Train your dog to stop pulling on leash today. WACKYwalk'r - Don’t get jerked around!

Is your dog a puller? Are you worried Fido might lunge after that squirrel and take you with him? Your worries are over. Stop your dog from pulling today. Our self-correcting leashes give you and your shoulders a more enjoyable dog-walking experience - Fido likes it too! It's a simple concept with revolutionary results. See the testimonials below and check the dealer finder to find a retailer where you can try one for yourself.

Those days of being pulled down the street are a thing of the past! The WACKYwalk’r offers solutions to everyday, common dog walking problems.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We disagree! Fido learns not to pull due to the gentle self-correcting properties of the WACKYwalk’r. You'll find a variety of products designed for both city and suburban walking environments and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are walking 1, 2, or 3 dogs WACKYwalk'r can help make your next walk stress free. All WACKYwalk'r leashes have a built-in "Traffic" handle for complete control. No need to wrap the leash around your hand.

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Over the years we have had the chance to interact with thousands of Wacky Walk'r customers and fellow dog owners. You've shared a lot of stories with us about your experiences with our products and there are some that we feel deserved to be shared with you....our future customers and friends. If you have a testimonial you would like to share with us please email it to benefits@wackywalkr.com

Name: Aleesa D.
Subject: Feedback
I bought a WACKYwalk'r leash for my bichon frise about a month ago, I absolutely love it. I've lost more than a few coffees over the years when he sees something or someone exciting and jumps, this leash makes a huge difference. I recommend it to people everyday walking up and down the Strand in Hermosa & Manhattan Beach - great job guys!!! :-)

Name: Michele W.
Subject: Facebook Page Feedback
I had the best two walks ever with my min pin today after getting a wacky walkr... this could possibly be the greatest invention ever for dogs that pull on the leash. Thanks so much for a stress-less walk!!! <3 wacky walkr

Name: Kathy W.
Subject: love my wacky walkr
Comments: Hi, I bought the double walker at the pet expo in Hartford, CT this past weekend. Just want you to know..I LOVE IT! My two dogs walk together...seem so much happier and so am I. No more me getting tangled in their leash like I was before! It is great! I'm showing all my dog friends in the neighborhood! Thanks..Kathy

Name: Laura H.
Subject: Love this thing! I'm a convert.
Comments: We bought one of these last night at the KOP mall and ALREADY I love it. Our 50 lb pit mix is a puller and I've never had such an easy/relaxing walk with him as I did this AM. I'll never go back to a traditional leash!

Name: Joan
Subject: Thanks
Comments: It was suggested I try your wacky walker as I was having a very difficult time walking my 8 month old lab puppy. She is so strong and pulls constantly. Training did not help. I tried your walker with her pinch and now walking with her is a pleasure. Very little pulling,. I am recommending to everyone I know who has a lab like mine to buy one. Thank you for this great product. Now if you can come up with something that will stop her from jumpin up on people I would appreciate it. Joan

Name: christian l.
Subject: leashes
Comments: just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful leashes! i have three for my dogs, one for the rescue group i work with, and i ordered three more for a friend...i really appreciate the great customer service as well - everyone should take a lesson from you! i look forward to more products from you guys...keep them coming, you have a fan for life! have a great day!!

Name: Wren
Subject: wacky walkr
Comments: I've been using the huge urban wacky walkr for a week now- I have a 140 lb. mastiff and the leash is WONDERFUL! When Crash goes for a squirrel now I don't lose my shoulder!!! Can't wait for the collar. Keep up the good work!

Name: Manuel M.
Subject: Your Leash Rocks
Comments: Just bought one and after not beeing able to walk our family dog Tandy for the last 3 years because she is just too strong (140lb rotti) my little 6 year old can now walk her easily. Amazing Product hope you strike it rich it really is something!!! Go on the Big Idea on MSNBC it's a perfect product. Great website as well.

Name: Stacy F.
Subject: Wacky Walk'r & Coupler - LOVE IT!!!
Comments: I've had my Wacky Walk'r leashes for a couple of years and they have been great. I have two chocolate labs (Mocha & Raja) and as Raja has grown up from a puppy it's been hard for me to walk both of them by myself. I just recently purchased a coupler from you, and now I can walk both of them without any worries of being tangled up or them running in different directions. It's so cute to see them trotting along right beside each other. I absolutely love it and think these are the best leashes EVER! I just purchased the leash and coupler for my brother for his birthday. He has two dogs and after he walked mine with the coupler he really wanted a set for himself. Thanks so much WACKY walk'r!!!!

Name: Maralyn R.
Subject: Leash
Comments: I've had many golden retrievers over the last 26 years and sometimes, despite all our obedience training, walking them has been a real challenge. My youngest boy (fifteen months) has a horrible habit of diving for every leaf, blossom or bird he spots when we are out walking. As my daily walk is by the water it's been absolutely awful. This leash really, really works and I had to write to thank you! I'll be spreading the word to all my friends with goldens that pull.
Thanks again,

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